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No lack of food on the DTES

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Aug. 19 - There`s no lack of food on the Downtown Eastside, thanks to the generous food donations from individuals, businesses and organizations.

However, what is lacking is nutritious food.

The Lookout Society understands food is medicine and we must be thoughtfull about the food we provide our shelter guests, tenants and those we serve through our various programs. A good example of this can be found at the LivingRoom Drop-in Centre (528 Powell St.), which serves DTES residents with mental health issues. Some time ago the LivingRoom stopped serving donated soft drinks and meal replacement drinks.

The problem with is there`s too much sugar in soft drinks, which affects the health and behaviour of our LivingRoom members. Meal replacement drinks also contain lots of sugar, as well as a mixture of synthetic ingredients. Both these drinks conflict with the dietary needs and restrictions of those we serve.

Today the LivingRoom regularely serves smoothies, made up of all natural ingredients derived from vegetables and fruits. They've proven to be popular with members and a common request.

Watch this video and listen to what LivingRoom staffer Melodie says about the importance of nutition.