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Vote for Lookout - We Have a Chance to Win $10,000 from Fluor!

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Help Lookout Society Win $10,000 to Improve Wheelchair Accessibility 

global fund 

10 charities will each receive $10,000 from @FluorCorp’s $100,000 Global Community Project Fund. Vote today!

Vote for Lookout Society here: Remember to vote daily (until June 17) and share with friends, family and co-workers! 

A grant from Fluor’s Global Community Project Fund will allow the Society to install automatic doors at two of its main buildings.  Additionally, funding will help pay for classes to teach bike repair and maintenance for the Society’s Cycleback program, which teaches residents job-readiness skills.

Fluor employees will be involved with the installation of the automatic doors and with traffic control of residents during construction. Volunteers will also participate during bike workshops to aid the instructor and the students.

In the short term, the automatic doors will make accessibility much easier for current residents in wheelchairs, and residents who take part in the Cycleback program will be able to repair and maintain their bikes on their own.  In the longer term, individuals educated in the Cycleback program will be able to apply for jobs in bicycle shops or offer their services for a fee, allowing them to be more independent and transition away from homelessness. Residents in wheelchairs will be more eager to leave the housing complex and have a greater sense of independence. This will allow them to more easily look for jobs and/or be part of community events.