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Lookout Partners with Pacifica Treatment Centre

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Better supporting a continuum of care

The agreement between Lookout and Pacifica supports opportunities for vulnerable people accessing services from both organizations; allowing people to connect to addiction treatment and secure safe and stable housing options.

 Lookout Pacifica cropped

Lookout's Executive Director Shayne Williams and Pacifica CEO Alison Silgardo

  Shayne Williams, Lookout Society's Executive Director:

 “Our agreement with Pacifica fills a void in treatment options for our clients who are trying to leave their addictions behind them. Lookout offers a lot of support along the housing and health spectrum, but we can’t do everything. By partnering with Pacifica, we are aligning ourselves with a leader in the field of addiction treatment and streamlining our clients’ access to that treatment.”


Read full details in the announcement from Pacifica.

Learn more about Pacifica by visiting their website.