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An Average Lookout day

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 Cooks600x400Lookout Emergency Aid Society is a 24-hour, 365-days a year operation. The society operates four extreme weather shelters, five emergency shelters, six transitional housing buildings, 14 permanent housing buildings and one community living house. In total we house house 1,100 people each night.

This is what we do on an average day (based on our 2013-2014 statistics).
– 221 people sleep in their own bed in our five shelters
– 851 meals are served each day in the five shelters (includes the Front Room Drop-in in Surrey) 
-- 120 people are turned away each night from our shelters because of lack of space
– 177 people live in one of our transitional housing units
– 600 people have a home in one of our permanent housing units
– 85 people are served by our outreach workers
– 163 people eat a meal at the LivingRoom Drop In
-- 92 people are served by the Djaef Mahler Food Bank (open 32 days per year)