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Social return on investment

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Ci 4-Star Ratings LogoThe Lookout Emergency Aid Society’s sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned it a 4-star rating from Charity Intelligence, Canada’s independent charity evaluator.  

Charity Intelligence is Canada's go-to website where the public can access information about Canadian charities and determine the best place to donate.

Lookout Emergency Aid Society is one of 72 charities across Canada found to excel in financial transparency, accountability to donors and cost-efficiency. Of the 72 charities, just nine are from B.C. and only two are located on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

“Charity Intelligence’s research has found charities that are exceptional. This list of 4-star charities shows Canadians 72 charities that excel in accountability to donors, financial transparency and cost-efficiency. We hope Charity Intelligence’s ratings help donors get accurate, independent information in making important giving decisions,” says Kate Bahen, Managing Director of Charity Intelligence. 

The Lookout Society has always strived to be accountable and transparent. In fact, it is part of our mandate. We believe that government, the public, our volunteers and those we serve should be able to trust us to deliver the best services and programs in a transparent and cost-effective way.

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The full information about Charity Intelligence’s ratings, the methodology and the list of the 4-Star rated charities is on the website