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Vision and Mission

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Lookout's Mandate:

We are a “social safety-net” that provides housing and a range of support services to adults with low or no income who have few, if any, housing or support options.
Because they have challenges in meeting needs and goals, we place minimal barriers between them and our services.

Our Mission:

We respectfully provide caring non-judgmental, non-sectarian, flexible services. Through advocacy, support and minimal-barriers we reduce harm to people who have a diversity of challenges. We assist them to regain and maintain stability and achieve a greater quality of life.

Our Vision:

To help transform the lives of people with few, if any, housing options. To go beyond traditional solutions to homelessness by fostering growth and change, providing innovative services and building collaborative partnerships.

 What we Value:

• Being client-centered and nonjudgmental
• Serving with compassion
• Acting respectfully
• Ensuring all persons are treated with dignity, honesty, and integrity
• Practicing strong communication and teamwork skills
• Demonstrating flexibility, creativity and an open mind
• Reducing harm

Our Principles:

• Practice quality communication
• Foster respect amongst all
• Lead with concern and consideration
• Act with honesty and integrity
• Demonstrate fairness
• Pursue inclusivity
• Cultivate responsibility and accountability
• Promote harm reduction