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Who We Are

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Lookout Emergency Aid Society is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1971. We offer a range of services and housing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to adult men and women who are destitute and require assistance.

We serve eight communities in Metro Vancouver: Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, the North Shore, Burnaby, Langley Abbotsford and Maple Ridge. The Lookout Society can house approximately 1,200 people each night during the winter month and periods of extreme weather. The Lookout Soceity also serves clients through out three resource centers, foodbanks, dental clinic, medical clinic, needle distribution and clean up, HIV and Hep C programming, two youth programs, twelve outreach teams, social enterprises and employment programs, serving a total of almost 2,500 people each day during peak periods.

The purpose of Lookout is to provide non-judgmental, non-sectarian services to adults and seniors who cope with a wide variety of challenges including: poverty, mental illness, substance abuse, mental/physical handicaps, chronic health problems (including HIV/Aids), legal issues or those simply unable to cope.

Helping people help themselves is essential in addressing homelessness and all the issues that surround it.  Securing appropriate housing is the first and most essential step in achieving responsible independence for individuals.

Lookout provides:

• Housing to the shelterless and homeless 
• Connections to community services
• Health solutions in Surrey
• Support, Supervision, Direction and Aid to anyone whose needs are not addressed by other community services.
• Safe surroundings