Contact Us

Contact Us

Administration Head Office

Lookout Housing and Health Society,
544 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, B.C., V3L 1B1

Phone: 604-255-0340

Fax: 604-255-0790

General Info Email:

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Lookout Locations

Lookout operates 32 buildings across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Contact information by region is provided below.


Al Mitchell Place & Hazelton Residence

346 Alexander Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1C3
Tel: 604-681-9126
Fax: 604-681-9150

Location Contacts

Al Michell Shelter:
604-681-9126 ext 1

Outreach Program:
604-681-0092 ext 2
Hazelton/Activity Program:
604-681-9873 ext 3

First Place Residence


188 East First Ave.
Vancouver, B.C., V5T 0C2
Tel: 604-558-4022
Fax: 604-558-4033

Tenant Support Workers:
ext – 107 or 209

Harbour Rooms

230 Princess Ave,
Vancouver BC V6A 3C5
Tel: 604  681 9126

Jim Green Residence

415 Alexander Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6A 4G6
Tel: 604-255-2347
Fax: 604-255-0790 (admin)


Tenant Support Worker office:

Jeffrey Ross Residence

510 Alexander Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1C7
Tel: 604-255-7089
Fax: 604-629-2050


Tenant Support Worker:

Powell Street Getaway

528 Powell Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1G9
Tel: 604-255-7026
Fax: 604-255-7909

Location Contacts

Tel: 604-255-8339

Tamura House


225 Dunlevy Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6A3T6
Tel: 604-629-1497

Tenant Support Worker:

Sakura So


376 Powell Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1G4
Tel: 604-681-0008
Fax: 604-629-1298

Tenant Support Worker:

Walton Residence


261 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1P2
Tel: 604-688-9129
Fax: 604-688-9102

Tenant Support Worker Office:

Yukon Housing Centre

2088 Yukon St.
Vancouver, B.C.,V5Y 4B1
Shelter Front Desk: 604-264-1680 Ext. 1
Mobile Case Worker: 604-264-1680 Ext. 2
Transitional Housing Program: 604-264-1630

Location Contacts

Vancouver - Housing Partnership Programs

Avalon Hotel

165 West Pender Street
Vancouver, B.C., V6B 1S4
Tel: 604-629-0055
Fax: 604-629-1974


Tenant Support Worker:

Cordova Residence

54 East Cordova St.
Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1K2
Tel: 778-379-4766
Fax: 778-379-7732


Tenant Support Worker:

Lion Hotel

316 Powell Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1G4
Tel: 604-806-0356


Tenant Support Worker:


Riverside Shelter

1640 Riverside Road
Abbotsford, B.C. V2S 8J2
Tel: 604-776-2424

Location Contacts


Client Tel:

North Shore

Dovercourt (Abstinence-based Living Residence)

1606 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 2B4
Tel: 604-770-0469
Fax: 604-770-0712

North Shore Housing Centre

705 West 2nd Street
North Vancouver, B.C., V7M 1E6
Tel: 604-982-9126
Fax: 604-982-9127

Location Contacts

North Shore Shelter:

Transitional Housing:
604-982-9126 Ext – 3
North Shore Outreach:
Tel: 604-982-9126
Fax: 604-982-9127
Community Liaison:
Client Tel:

New Westminster

Cliff Block

606 Clarkson St.
New Westminster, B.C., V3M 1C8
Tel: 604-523-9126 ext 103
Fax: 604-523-9127

 Tenant Support Worker

Rhoda Kaellis Housing Centre

1105 Royal Avenue,
New Westminster, B.C., V3M 1K4
Tel: 604-544-5145
Fax: 604-544-5148

Location Contacts

New Westminster Housing First Outreach:

604-544-5145, Ext 107

Russell Residence and Housing Centre

740 Carnarvon Street
New Westminster, B.C., V3M 1E7
Tel: 604-529-9126
Fax: 604-529-9120

Location Contacts

Ext – 101
Ext. 106


Boulevard Shelter

10677 Whalley Boulevard,
Surrey, B.C. V3T 4H8
Tel: 604-588-1061
Fax: 604-588-4407

Location Contacts

Shelter Resource Worker

Crawford Manor

10008 & 10010 – 128 Street
Surrey, B.C. V3T 2V9
Tel: 604-589-0248
Special Project Manager

Gateway Shelter and Front Room

10667 – 135A Street
Surrey, B.C., V3T 4E3

Tel: 604-589-8678
Fax: 604-589-1082

Surrey Programs Mailing Address:

PO Box 500, Surrey Main
Surrey, B.C. V3T 5B7

Location Contacts

The Front Room Resource Centre:
Tel: 604-589-7777
Gateway Shelter:
Tel: 604-589-7777
Outreach Program:
Tel: 604-589-4746

Guildford Shelter

14716 104 Avenue,
Surrey, B.C. V3R 1M3
Tel: 778-293-0889
Fax: 604-584-1003

Health Solutions & Positive Haven Programs

10697 – 135A St.
Surrey, BC V3T 4E3
Tel: 604-588-9004
Fax: 604-589-8873

Location Contacts

Medical Clinic:
Tel: 604-583-5666
Dental Clinic:

Tel: 604-545-4012

Other Women’s Lives (OWL)
Positive Point Harm Reduction:
Tel: 604-589-8678 Ext – 140
Positive Point Harm Reduction Outreach:

Tel: 604-328-7610

Julian House

10689 –135 A Street
Surrey, BC V3T 4E3

HAS Coordinator

MacMillan House (Abstinence-based Living)

11184 – 143 A Street
Surrey, B.C. V3R 3M8
Tel: 604-837-3171

Parkway Shelter

#104 – 10660 City Parkway,
Surrey B.C., V3T 4C7
Tel: 778-888-9359

Extreme Weather Shelters - ONLY OPEN when regional Extreme Weather Alerts are called

Burnaby Extreme Weather

27 mats at the Westminster Bible Chapel.
7540-6th Street, Burnaby
Tel: 778-378-1700

Positive Haven Extreme Weather

10 mats at Positive Haven Resource Centre.

10697 – 135A St.
Surrey, BC V3T 4E3
Tel: 604-589-7777

New Westminster Extreme Weather

30 mats at the Cliff Block.
606 Clarkson Street
New Westminster, BC V3M 1C8
Tel: 604-523-9126

North Shore Extreme Weather

20 mats at the North Shore Housing Centre.
705 West 2nd Street
North Vancouver, B.C., V7M 1E6
Tel: 604-982-9126