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Third-Party Fundraisers

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ICBC-400x300A third-party fundraiser is a company, organization or individual that wishes to hold a promotion, event or sale to benefit the Lookout Emergency Aid Society and its clients. Lookout is grateful for dollars raised through events – they help provide programs and services.

The support of third-part fundraising helps Lookout Society accomplish its vision of helping transform the lives of people with few if any housing options.

Please contact us to explore ways Lookout may be able to support your event through such things as promotion on our website, our social media channels and our newsletter. We can also make available Lookout Society signage, brochures, posters and other material. We are also able to assist you with our extensive experience in fundraising, promotion, event organization and media relations.

For more information contact Lani Johnson at or 604-568-4391, ext. 353.