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Extreme Weather Shelters

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The Extreme Weather Response program enables communities to temporarily increase the number of emergency shelter beds during extreme weather conditions that threaten the safety and health of homeless individuals and families when the existing shelter beds are full. Lookout increases the number of beds during the worst weather of the year. In 2012-13 the Lookout Society operated extreme weather shelters on the North Shore, in New Westminster and Burnaby.

• The North Shore Shelter has 20 mats available during the worst winter weather, with 25 additional mats at the North Shore Neighbourhood House if required for overflow. In 2012-2013 the primary facility opened for 367 bednights used by men 333 times, women 40 times and 4 times by transgender (we do not have unique clients data for this one); 12 volunteers who spent 33 hours of their time.

• The Burnaby Extreme Weather program opened for 325 bednights utilized by men 293 times and 32 times by women.

• The basement of the Cliff Block was used for the New Westminster extreme weather shelter, offering 30 spaces to adult men and women. The program provided 830 bednights utilized 753 times by men and 77 times by women.

In Surrey, 30 beds are available for extreme weather.  Lookout's Positive Haven turns into extreme weather shelter with 10 beds.  We also partner with a community church in Guildford to open 20 additional beds when needed.