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Housing Application Forms

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Transitional Housing

Requests for Transitional Housing are done through an application form.
Please note the criteria for our housing:
Housing is for individuals:
– living in the area that the housing is located – e.g., North Shore for North Shore residents, Downtown Eastside for Downtown Eastside residents or New Westminster for New Westminster housing
– who live on low fixed incomes
– who have few, if any housing options
– currently live in inadequate or substandard housing
The various locations may have other criteria. Please download the PDF application form for further information.


Partnership Agreements

Partnership agreements have been formed with the purpose of improving living conditions in SRA (Single Room Accommodation) hotels in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside between the Lookout Society, as a service provider, and hotel owners. Lookout has partnership agreements with the Avalon Hotel, Cordova Residence, Lion Hotel and Walton Hotel. Requests for housing in our partner SRO is done through an application form.


Supportive Housing

The Lookout Society provides supportive/permanent housing in 12 buildings located in:
Downtown Vancouver – Jim Green Residence, Jeffrey Ross Residence and Annex and Tamura House.
Central Vancouver – First Place
Surrey: Julian House, Foundation House
New Westminster – Cliff Block, The Russell and Rhoda Kaellis Residence
North Shore: North Shore Housing Centre, Dovercourt
In order to be accepted into permanent housing, clients must first complete an application form. Please read the guidelines for supportive housing before applying.