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Our Programs Articles


Many of our clients live independently but our aided by our tenant support or outreach workers.

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Community Cleanup


Community cleanup programs such as I's on the Street in New Westminster help and support those who live on the streets, are at risk of homelessness and mental health clients.

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Harm Reduction


Harm reduction is an approach or strategy aimed at reducing the risks and harmful effects associated with substance use and addictive behaviours for the individual, community and society as a whole.

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Community Kitchen


Community kitchen programs can be found in a number of our housing residences and are intended to teach tenants life skills such as cooking, budgeting, meal planning and knowledge of nutrition.

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Crawford Manor - Young Adult Stabilization and Transitional Living Residence


Crawford Manor is a voluntary and comprehensive transitional housing program for male youth aged 19-24. The program provides low to moderate intensity supports and services that encourage meaningful recovery based on individual needs.


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Summer Health Care


The Lookout Society provides fresh water to drink and sunscreen in the hot weather to ensure individuals are properly hydrated and protected from the sun’s rays. 

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