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Powell Street Getaway

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The LivingRoom Drop In changed its name to the Powell Street Getaway on October 7, 2016. The renaming competition, “Name Your Space,” invited guests from the LivingRoom and the nearby Drug User’s Resource Centre (DURC) to make suggestions for a new name throughout the month of August. The competition offered a chance for direct feedback from people accessing the space, with the final name being a composite of two name suggestions provided by peers in the community.  The Powell Street Getaway was selected from a shortlist by a newly formed peer group that consists of five members from the formally known LivingRoom and five board members from DURC. This group has united with shared goals and are actively participating in the current transition at the Drop In.


Volunteer at the Getaway

Volunteers are an integral part of life at the drop in. Individuals assist with activities, whether playing a game of cards or ping pong, or helping with a bowling or hiking day trip.  Groups may be scheduled to provide meal service on the weekends – a much appreciated and necessary service.

Contact Janice Lovick, Volunteer Coordinator at for more information about how to participate.



Originally opened under the name the LivingRoom Drop-in Centre, the Powell Street Getaway opened in 1993 in the Downtown Eastside.  As reflected in its name, the intention was to create a social space for people living in local SRO’s who live without a living room or other common space.  Over the years the Drop In evolved to offer thousands of life skill opportunities, leisure activities, social functions and food programs.

The minimal barrier program was designed to help protect its members who live with various mental health challenges.  With up to 7,000 unique individuals accessing the programs in a single year, the Drop-in has long served as an inclusive community space for people in the neighbourhood.

In order to align with Vancouver Coastal Health’s 2nd Generation Strategy, the Drop-in has transitioned towards a community hub model that provides a safe space offering socialization, an active resource for a broader constituency –  and offers referrals to health organizations, community partners, and services. 

Now operating as the Powell Street Getaway, the drop in continues Lookout Society’s evolution to serve the changing needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in the Downtown Eastside.  The Getaway is working toward a greater health focus and includes new programming for seniors, substance users, women, LGBTQ and aboriginal communities.

We are excited to work through the ongoing process of recreating the Drop-in with the same inclusive and minimal barrier approach we’ve had in the past, while offering more services and resources to help individuals make their way to a better future.