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  • Benjamin Franklin, U.S. founding father
    Benjamin Franklin, U.S. founding father
  • William Shatner, actor
    William Shatner, actor
  • Harry Houdini, magician
    Harry Houdini, magician
  • George Orwell, author
    George Orwell, author
  • Daniel Craig, actor
    Daniel Craig, actor
  • Shania Twain, singer
    Shania Twain, singer
  • Jim Morrison, singer
    Jim Morrison, singer
  • Colonel Harland Sanders, businessman
    Colonel Harland Sanders, businessman
  • Haillie Berry, actor
    Haillie Berry, actor

Famous People who have been homeless

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Homelessness has few preferences when it comes to who it will affect. Sometimes a streak of bad luck or tough times landing a job and paying the rent can lead to homelessness. You'll be surprised which famous people have experienced homelessness. Here's a list of notable individuals, which includes some A-list actors and legendary performers, who have experienced homelessness.

 Famous People Who have been Homeless