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What We Believe

Helping people help themselves is essential in addressing homelessness and all the issues that surround it. Securing appropriate housing is the first and most essential step in achieving responsible independence for individuals.


Lookout Emergency Aid Society is a charitable organization and social safety net that provides housing and a range of support services to adults with low or no income who have few, if any, housing or support options. Because the people we serve have challenges meeting basic needs and goals, we place minimal barriers between them and our services.

Who We Help

There are an estimated 3,700 individuals homeless in Metro Vancouver, a large population compared to other regions in Canada.

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News and Events

Diana's Dining Club

Sitting down together for a meal creates friendships. But if you work together chopping the vegetables, boiling the pasta and preparing the meal, you can...

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Cities target those providing services to the homeless

April 15 – There appears to be a trend where some cities are targeting homeless service providers, stopping them from helping those in need. In Oneonta,...

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Social experiment gives first-hand view of homelessness

April 14 – A controversial social experiment is unfolding in San Francisco. Homeless individiuals with tiny GoPro video cameras strapped to their chests, are recording their...

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Housing minister gives credit to the work of DTES non-profits

April 6 – Rich Coleman, the province's minister responsible for housing, gave Downtown Eastside non-profits a ringing endorsement. "They are unsung heroes, who deserve our appreciation...

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Our Blog

 Read our blog to learn more about issues surrounding homelessness.  

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