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‘Decrease the body count’ the goal of Surrey lectures

May 27 – Those who attended a series of seven lectures in Surrey about drug use and addiction now have a deeper understanding of the issue.

SANSU (Surrey Area Network of Substance Abusers) organized the speaker series, sponsored by the Lookout Society, Fraser Health Authority, Simon Fraser University and the City of Surrey. Mark Haden, an adjunct professor at the University of B.C. with 28 years of experience working in addiction counselling, led the lectures.

The series was aimed at the entire Surrey community with the goal of helping people holistically understand drugs and addictions in a family and society context. Some of the lecture topics included, development of addictions, chemicals and the body, harm reduction theory, the recovery process and healing our society.

The lectures, which ended this week, educated and opened minds to the way many people think about drugs and addictions, so lives can be saved. One of those life-saving ideas is harm reduction theory – which includes practices such as providing needle exchanges that can reduce the infection rate of blood borne pathogens like HIV and Hepatitis C.