H’Arts for the Homeless


  • Start Date:04-10-2018
  • End Date:04-10-2018
  • Start Time:17:00
  • End Time:22:00
  • Location:Vancouver BC @ The Imperial - 319 Main Street


  • Organized by:Mary
  • Mobile:604-255-0340
  • Email:developmentcoord@lookoutsociety.ca
  • Website:https://www.universe.com/events/harts-for-the-homeless-2018-tickets-vancouver-CW907P?ref=explore
  • Address:544 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C., V3L 1B1 Canada

Each year Lookout Society hosts H’Arts for the Homeless, bridging art, circus, music, magic, storytelling and dance with Lookout’s mission.

On October 4th 2018, Lookout Society will host it’s 10th Annual H’Arts for the Homeless Event. Each year the H’Arts benefit highlights a specified need within Lookout. For this milestone year, we return to our roots – HOUSING! Our experience proves that the most effective solution to homelessness is access to stable, affordable housing – especially for people who struggle with extreme poverty, mental health and addiction challenges. Lookout is creating new housing opportunities for the people who need it most. Working with municipalities and our funding partners, Lookout is adding housing throughout the Lower Mainland.

This year’s proceeds will be used to purchase H’Arts House – a new residence that will support vulnerable people living in our community.

H’Arts 2018 will illustrate the need for affordable housing with appropriate supports through visualization and poignant performances. Watch painters create amazing pieces of art that will be sold later in the evening by CBC’s Fred Lee, our auctioneer again this year.

For more information on H’Arts for the Homeless, click here.

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