Get Involved

Thank you for choosing to help the homeless and those in need.

Here is how you can support Lookout:

Donate to Lookout:

All donations to Lookout Housing and Health Society are distributed through the Lookout Foundation.

Note: The Charitable Impact Foundation (CHIMP) processes our online donations (including receipting) and deducts a 2.8% processing fee.

Donation Drop Off Locations

Donations can usually be dropped off at the following locations. Please call ahead to ensure we can use your donations and arrange a delivery time if necessary:

Russell Housing Centre

740 Carnarvon St., New Westminster

Tel: 604-529-9126

North Shore Shelter

705 West 2nd St., North Vancouver

Tel: 604-982-9126

Front Room Resource Centre

10667 – 135A St., Surrey

Tel: 604-589-7777

Contact Lookout Housing and Health Society at 604-255-0340 for more information on dropping off goods or making a donation.

Third Party Fundraisers & Donation Drives

Lookout is grateful for dollars or goods raised through events – they help provide programs, services and essentials to people in need. Your third-party fundraiser helps Lookout accomplish our vision of helping transform the lives of people with few, if any, housing options.

Please contact us to explore ways Lookout may be able to support your event through such things as promotion on our website, our social media channels and our newsletter. We can also make available Lookout Society signage, brochures, posters and other material. We are also able to assist you with our extensive experience in fundraising, promotion, event organization and media relations.

For more information contact Mary Campbell at or 604-255-0340 ext 104.


The Lookout is an extremely busy organization. We could not provide the best service and reach as many clients as we can without the tremendous support from many volunteers. We operate with minimal staffing wherever possible so we can prioritize our budget to vital programs supporting housing and health initiatives. Volunteers play a critical role in our services and supports to people in need.

Thank you to the thousands of volunteers who help us each year by donating their time, energy and goodwill. Volunteers like you help us support vulnerable people living across the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley region.

To Apply as a volunteer please complete the following steps:

Volunteer groups also participate in volunteer activities with Lookout. Some possible tasks include:
Spring Cleaning
Painting (walls)
Landscape and garden cleanup
Seasonal decorating
Preparation of meals
Special Events

For a quick overview about volunteering check out our Volunteer Brochure.

Donate Items to Lookout Society

Personal Care Kits or Comfort Bags are a great way to assist someone who is homeless or at risk of homelessness.
Here’s a list of items that can go into your kit.

Tote bags


Lip balm


Shaving Kit







Soap bar



If you can’t donate a complete kit consider donating a number of one of the individual items on the list or donate $20 towards a kit.

Our clients also need personal items such as warm clothing, blankets and socks for the winter months. Winter donations:



Rain ponchos







Winter hats

Sleeping bags

Donate furniture, household appliances and other items to Lookout Society

Whenever one of our clients moves from a shelter to a home, they require everything from pots and pans to chairs and lamps. Below is our shelter-to-homes kit list. Please note that we may not be able to accept some furniture and households donations, particularly mattresses, king/queen beds and large pieces of furniture.

Your donation of the following new or gently used items will help create a home in for someone who has lived without the security of affordable, suitable housing.

single bed (occasionally a larger bed)

bedside table



sheets (assorted sizes)

blankets (assorted sizes)

comforter/bed spread (assorted sizes)


kitchen table

chairs (2 or 4)

dishes (dinner plate, side plate, bowl, cup or mug) (4)

glasses (4)

cutlery (for 4)

small pot

medium pot

frying pan

casserole dishes

can opener


serving spoons

egg flipper

mixing bowls

measuring cups and spoons


coffee pot


sofa or hide‐a‐bed

easy chair

small end table



book case


shower curtain

waste basket

broom and dustpan

mop and bucket

Nice-To-Haves Bedroom/Kitchen/Living Quarters


TV and TV stand


Consider Subsidizing Someone’s Rent

Rising housing costs across Metro Vancouver increases the burden on many people, including the working poor. More people require our assistance. Subsidizing someone’s rent can make housing affordable and prevent a person or a family from becoming homeless. A one-time donation could help pay someone’s damage or pet deposit; monthly donations could help someone keep their home over a longer period.

One priority of Lookout is to help people stay housed in their home communities where they are close to services, families and friends. However, rents are high and wait-lists for subsidized housing are long. This means that people on low fixed incomes are forced to use our shelters.

The greatest concentration of affordable housing in Canada is found the Downtown Eastside (DTES). For some people, this is the only area that has housing at affordable rates. Lookout tries to help people remain in their own neighborhoods where they are closer to supports, family and friends. This also reduces competition for affordable and subsidized housing in the DTES.

Rent subsidies work wonders. With continued support from our Outreach team, rent subsidies help to provide autonomy and stability. When an individual no longer needs the subsidy, the funds can be transferred to help another person secure housing.

Donors can help Lookout locate affordable housing for people in their home communities by subsidizing the rent of a unit so that is at (or close to) the shelter portion of assistance. A rent subsidy may range from $75-300 month, depending on the need of the individual or family.