Street Sweepers Social Club

Street Sweeper Social Club (SSSC) helps participants rediscover a pride in themselves and in their local community, which fosters a renewal of self-resect and the beginning of reintroduction into society. The SSSC program also assists participants to maintain a routine and creates a history that helps them to access entry level work. Members gain experience in time management, teamwork, ‘present ability’ and sanitation work, including WHMIS certification. They also have access Lookout harm reduction, addiction, mental health programs and resume preparation. The dedication of the SSSC demonstrates to the community that many Lookout guests take ownership and responsibility for the appearance of their neighbourhoods. It is an excellent opportunity to build trust and understanding between communities and the vulnerable populations who live there.

Members of the community have come to rely on the SSSC team and current demand exceeds our ability to provide the service. Grants from BC Gaming has helped grow this program. We have also received funding support Lookout Foundation and donations form the community to cover program related costs including supplies, training materials, and administration costs.