Supervised Consumption Sites and Overdose Prevention Sites

Lookout offers supervised consumptions services through the Harbour, Powell Street Getaway, SafePoint and Cowichan Wellness and Recovery Centre.

Supervised consumption services and overdose prevention site staff help prevent overdose deaths while engaging those who are vulnerable in other healthcare services, including mental health treatment and withdrawal management.

Lookout’s harm reduction philosophy is fully integrated in every aspect of our continuum of services and builds on the desire to meet guests “where they are at.”  In response to the toxic drug poisoning crisis, Lookout has increased access to harm reduction supplies and education, introduced peer-led substance use programs, and trained all staff in Naloxone reversals. These services have been implemented with support from Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Authority.

The Harbour is located in Victoria. The Powell Street Getaway is located on the Downtown Eastside, SafePoint is located in Surrey and Cowichan Wellness and Recovery Centre is located in the Cowichan Valley. Due to the redevelopment of the permanent location of the Powell Street Getaway, the previous temporary site is no longer operating with a Section 56 exemption.

*The Harbour has been approved by Health Canada to deliver supervised consumption services. The Powell Street Getaway, SafePoint and Cowichan Wellness and Recovery Centre are operating as overdose prevention sites under the BC Provincial Ministerial Order.