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Category Page: Harm Reduction

Community Clean Up

Community cleanup programs help address the issue of garbage and abandoned harm reduction paraphernalia and garbage while providing a positive image to local community and businesses. By taking on responsibilities, guests gain work experience, training opportunities, and a little pocket money. The work also boosts their self-esteem and brings a sense of belonging. Program participants

Supervised Consumption Sites

SafePoint, the Powell Street Getaway (PSG) and the Harbour have been approved by Health Canada to deliver supervised consumption services. The PSG is located in Vancouver, SafePoint is located in Surrey and The Harbour is located in Victoria. Lookout supervised consumption services staff help prevent overdose deaths while engaging those who are vulnerable in other

STOP Outreach – Vancouver

STOP outreach has a specialized role in supporting individuals living with chronic health conditions including HIV/AIDS and Hep-C, helping connect them with necessary community health supports. Funded by Vancouver Coastal Health, Lookout Society’s Vancouver STOP Outreach team assists guests in locating housing in addition to wraparound health supports. Additionally, this team  works with each guest’s new landlords

Infections/Disease Support

Lookout provides support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS or Hep-C to improve their quality of life. Health outcomes are greatly improved when healthy living and good diets are combined with medications. Better outcomes also reduce reliance on the health care system. Lookout provides a series of workshops and ongoing support through Positive Haven Resource Centre,

Mobile Harm Reduction Outreach

Lookout Society’s Mobile Harm Reduction Outreach Teams consist of outreach workers who deliver harm reduction supplies to groups, individuals and organizations throughout Langley, Aldergrove, Delta and White Rock. The goal is simple – build rapport with individuals, foster community partnerships and provide education with people who would not normally attend our services. By listening and

Positive Point

The focus of Positive Point is to reduce the spread of blood born diseases through needle distribution. We serve Tsawwassen, Delta, Surrey, White Rock, Langley, Ladner, and Aldergrove.