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Category Page: Peer-Peer

Street Sweepers Social Club

Street Sweeper Social Club (SSSC) helps participants rediscover a pride in themselves and in their local community, which fosters a renewal of self-resect and the beginning of reintroduction into society. The SSSC program also assists participants to maintain a routine and creates a history that helps them to access entry level work. Members gain experience

Community Clean Up

Community cleanup programs help address the issue of garbage and abandoned harm reduction paraphernalia and garbage while providing a positive image to local people and businesses. By taking on responsibilities, guests gain work experience, training opportunities, and a little pocket money. The work also boosts their self-esteem and brings a sense of belonging. Program participants

Djaef Mahler Food Bank

The Djaef Mahler Food Bank is a high protein food bank that supports individuals and families living with HIV and/or Hep C. We work with people who lack access to HIV/AIDS and HCV support services through advocacy, outreach, peer training and harm reduction programs. Djaef Mahler, a talented artist and prolific artist in Vancouver and

OWL (Other Women’s Lives)

The Other Women’s Lives (OWL) program operates twice weekly, providing women with a safe place to participate in a variety of programs. Peers support OWL members as they address their abusive and damaging relationships helping them recover and sustain positive life changes. The OWL program provides support groups that address the needs of individuals living

Positive Haven

Offering support services to individuals living with HIV, HCV. We connect with people who need HIV/AIDS and Hep-C support services through advocacy, outreach and peer training programs. Positive Haven hosts the annual Hep-C event every July to educate the public about the disease and its prevalence in the community.

Powell Street Getaway Resource Centre

The Powell Street Getaway offers a variety of structured and unstructured programs to encourage people to participate in social life skills development. The goal is to enhance their ability to create healthy outcomes, leading to a better quality of life. Some of the Powell Street Getaway programs and services include: One main meal, plus snacks daily; Medications administration