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Daily Meal Provision

Lookout provides healthy food daily at our Shelters and Resource Centres as budgets allow. This includes:  Emergency shelter kitchens, serving 3 meals and 2 snacks daily; and Resource Centres, serving 5 nutritious snacks daily, while additionally providing emergency food when available. Lookout understands the importance of providing guests with highly nutritious food options. After housing, a

Community Kitchen

Lookout facilitates community kitchens at several Lookout residences to encourage tenants to learn about food preparation and partake in community activities and meals. These programs encourage tenant participation and are frequently tenant-led. Meals are culturally relevant and enjoyable for the tenants. Other food programs at our residences include Life Skills Food Programs, Food banks, peer-to-peer

Supervised Consumption Sites

SafePoint, the Powell Street Getaway (PSG) and the Harbour have been approved by Health Canada to deliver supervised consumption services. The PSG is located in Vancouver, SafePoint is located in Surrey and The Harbour is located in Victoria. Lookout supervised consumption services staff help prevent overdose deaths while engaging those who are vulnerable in other