Community Clean Up

Community cleanup programs help address the issue of garbage and abandoned harm reduction paraphernalia and garbage while providing a positive image to local people and businesses. By taking on responsibilities, guests gain work experience, training opportunities, and a little pocket money. The work also boosts their self-esteem and brings a sense of belonging. Program participants

Positive Haven

Offering support services to individuals living with HIV, HCV. We connect with people who need HIV/AIDS and Hep-C support services through advocacy, outreach and peer training programs. Positive Haven hosts the annual Hep-C event every July to educate the public about the disease and its prevalence in the community.

Powell Street Getaway Resource Centre

The Powell Street Getaway offers a variety of structured and unstructured programs to encourage people to participate in social life skills development. The goal is to enhance their ability to create healthy outcomes, leading to a better quality of life. Some of the Powell Street Getaway programs and services include: One main meal, plus snacks daily; Medications administration