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Staff Links

Vocantas Auto Shift Callout:

A communications tool that will be used to offer relief shifts via calls, text messages, emails and an online portal.

In the mobile-friendly ASC Employee Portal, you will be able to choose to be contacted by one or more of voice call, text message, and email. You can also bid on offers directly from the portal’s easy-to-use calendar and view a history of all previous offers made to you.

Employee Portal:

Scheduler Portal:


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Click Here for the Employee Setup Guide for Vocantas


Watch these 7 Helpful Videos for More Information:

1.Setting up your contact preference:


2. Using the Employee Portal to View Shift Offers, Bid on Shifts, and Cancel Bids:


3. Receiving and Responding to Texts:


4. Receiving and Responding to a Phone Call


5. Receiving and Responding to a Voicemail Message:


6. Receiving and Responding to an Email Message:


7. How to Express Interest in a Part of a Shift through All Modes in ASC:

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EAP):

You and your immediate family can have access to the confidential support and resources you need to manage virtually any personal or professional issue, so you can lead a healthier, happier, more productive life. From face-to-face counselling to work-life balance and everyday issues, LifeWorks can help manage any issue, large or small. Their wide range of counselling specialties includes parenting and child care issues, elder care, midlife and retirement, financial and legal issues, health and wellness, emotional well-being, grief counselling and more.

The program is entirely confidential and the employer receives only statistical and aggregate usage data.

Click here to access:

Or call: 1-866-331-6851

(Refer to your wallet card for your User ID and Password)