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Alicia Sands

Director of Operations, Vancouver Island

Alicia Sands, has over ten years of experience managing and implementing innovative public health programs globally. She has worked with international, government and non-profit organizations and is committed to voluntary work in her community. Alicia prefers a multi-disciplinary approach to program management and draws upon her practice in HIV/AIDS, youth, disaster mitigation, gender affairs, research and health information technology. She is energized by new challenges and opportunities to be creative in her work, and is appreciative of diversity in cultures. Alicia is an avid traveler and enjoys swimming and scuba diving especially in her native Bahamian waters.

Alicia has a Master of Public Health from Tulane University and a Master of Global Management from Royal Roads University. She is also a board member of Capital City Volunteers. She appreciates the dedication, and passion of the Lookout family and hopes to bring services to Vancouver Island communities that reflect the values of our organization.

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