Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Lookout Housing and Health Society outreach workers assist individuals experiencing absolute or chronic homelessness to navigate complex systems, helping gain access to income assistance, health supports, and safe, affordable housing. Outreach workers use a combination of resources and experience to network with housing providers and other community agencies.

Our Teams

Since 1971, Lookout’s outreach programs have provided short-term bridging and follow-up services to a growing number of at risk people. These individuals are often chronically homeless who experience repeated emergency life crises. By providing support and intervention, outreach workers help individuals achieve and maintain greater stability and better health outcomes. Outreach workers liaise closely with other Lookout services, community partners and community health professionals to provide immediate and ongoing treatment and support.

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In 2016, our outreach teams worked with 2,212 clients collaborating on individual case plans. Of these we successfully housed 533 people, while another 841 received rent supplements to help them maintain or secure housing.

Support & Strategy

Lookout outreach workers engage people in their community, recognizing that every individual requires their own strategy. Working with each individual to develop a case management plan, Outreach teams connect guests to required external supports including housing, finance, health, addiction, and other services. Many Lookout guests are able to maintain independent living because of the support received from our outreach teams.

The lack of affordable housing throughout the region is challenging our outreach teams, especially with the limited supply of affordable, supportive, permanent non-market rental housing. Despite the high demand for housing, our goal is to house people appropriately.

To provide these options to our guests, Lookout is working closely with municipalities, provincial and federal governments and local foundations to identify development opportunities of both new and existing housing developments.

Our Outreach Programs