Skill Building

Through our three Resource Centres, Lookout offers programming and connections to community partners that support the development of skills to help our guests achieve their goals throughout the 11 communities we serve.

Lookout continues to develop innovative programs, having recently initiated two Social Enterprises for tenants to develop work skills through on-the-job training in the moving and flooring industries. Lookout has partnered with the private sector, the Squamish First Nations and WorkBC to develop these programs in North Vancouver. Our goal for these social enterprises is to replicate the program in other communities where Lookout provides services.

Social Enterprise Programs

Employment Navigator

The Employment Navigator program is a pilot project that helps individuals living in the DTES to access training and employment opportunities with ongoing supports such as coaching on resume writing, interview behavior, access to appropriate work wear, reference, and access to prerequisite courses to employment. The program partners with the Open Door Group and BC […]

HOME Flooring – Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises are organizations that apply business strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental wellbeing. HOME Flooring is a social enterprises that contracts with XL Flooring to produce sample pieces of flooring that are distributed to retail outlets and trade shows across North America. In producing the samples, Lookout guests gain work skills, experience […]

HOME Moving and Delivery

Social Enterprises are organizations that apply business strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. HOME Moving is a low-cost moving and delivery service that has a number of local guests as well as helping to move Lookout guests into their housing. In providing these services, Lookout guests are able to gain work skills, […]

Activity and Lifeskill Programs

Community Clean Up

Community cleanup programs help address the issue of garbage and abandoned harm reduction paraphernalia while providing a positive image to local community and businesses. By taking on responsibilities, guests gain work experience, training opportunities, and a little pocket money. The work also boosts their self-esteem and brings a sense of belonging. Program participants are required […]

Positive Haven

Offering support services to individuals living with HIV, HCV. We connect with people who need HIV/AIDS and Hep-C support services through advocacy, outreach and peer training programs. Positive Haven hosts the world Aids day and world Hepatitis day every year to educate the public about the diseases and their prevalence in the community.

Powell Street Getaway Resource Centre

The Powell Street Getaway offers a variety of structured and unstructured programs to encourage people to participate in social life skills development. The goal is to enhance their ability to create healthy outcomes, leading to a better quality of life. Some of the Powell Street Getaway programs and services include: One main meal, plus snacks daily; Medications administration […]

Peer Programs

Mission Community Garden

Lookout partners with Correctional Service of Canada’s Mission Institution to provide locally grown produce for our food programs across the Lower Mainland. Healthy food is critical and often overlooked when serving vulnerable people. In addition to supplementing Lookout’s shelters, resource centres, food bank and community kitchens, excess produce is shared without cost to other non-profit […]

Daily Meal Provision

Lookout provides healthy food daily at our Shelters and Resource Centres as budgets allow. This includes:  Emergency shelter kitchens, serving 3 meals and 2 snacks daily; and Resource Centres, serving 5 nutritious snacks daily, while additionally providing emergency food when available. Lookout understands the importance of providing guests with highly nutritious food options. After housing, a […]

Community Kitchen

Lookout facilitates community kitchens at several Lookout residences to encourage tenants to learn about food preparation and partake in community activities and meals. These programs encourage tenant participation and are frequently tenant-led. Meals are culturally relevant and enjoyable for the tenants. Other food programs at our residences include Life Skills Food Programs, Food banks, peer-to-peer […]

Barnston Community Farm

Lookout’s Barnston Island Community Farm provides nutritious food to the community’s most vulnerable. Operated with the support of local partner agency, ‘A Beef with Hunger’ we raise free range cattle to supplement our food programs. Programs benefiting from Barnston include Bread4Life, The Djaef Mahler HIV Food Bank, OWL Other Women’s Lives Program, Julian House, MacMillan Supportive Recovery […]

Djaef Mahler Food Bank

The Djaef Mahler Food Bank is a high protein food bank that supports individuals and families living with HIV and/or Hep C. We work with people who lack access to HIV/AIDS and HCV support services through advocacy, outreach, peer training and harm reduction programs. Djaef Mahler, a talented artist and prolific artist in Vancouver and […]


The Bread4Life program provides daily meals to Surrey’s most vulnerable population. Located at the Front Room Resource Centre, volunteers assist with meal service. Community partners regularly donate food and time. Bread4Life Community kitchen support Lookout shelters throughout the community.