Daily Meal Provision

Lookout provides healthy food daily at our Shelters and Resource Centres as budgets allow. This includes:  Emergency shelter kitchens, serving 3 meals and 2 snacks daily; and Resource Centres, serving 5 nutritious snacks daily, while additionally providing emergency food when available.

Lookout understands the importance of providing guests with highly nutritious food options. After housing, a proper diet has one of the biggest impacts on a person’s health. Many Lookout guests are dependent on free meals as they have no cooking facilities and limited refrigeration. However, this food is often highly processed and high in carbohydrates, fat and sugar. For people with chronic illnesses, a high protein diet can drastically improve their health but is very expensive to maintain. Lookout sources food donations from local and organic vendors, our Mission Minimum Garden, in order to use the freshest, most nutritious ingredients possible.