HOME Moving and Delivery

Social Enterprises are organizations that apply business strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.

HOME Moving is a low-cost moving and delivery service that has a number of local guests as well as helping to move Lookout guests into their housing. In providing these services, Lookout guests are able to gain work skills, experience and a stipend that assists them in moving towards employment.

This social enterprise program is able to address:

  • Job skill development opportunities for clients of Lookout’s North Shore residential and shelter programs to gain the skills necessary for gainful employment.
  • The ability for program participants to support and sustain themselves in maintaining safe, secure of housing that best suits their needs.
  • Work placement opportunities to gain experience in the workplace sector in an employment environment that is supportive of Lookout’s clients’ unique needs.
  • Increased opportunity for North Shore residents to secure housing within their home community.

“It has being a great experience to work with the HOME Moving. Not only have they offered employment opportunities to some of my clients, but also provide an inclusive, safe and understanding moving experience for those transitioning to housing. Enterprises like this one help to build stronger communities and committed individuals”
-Sandra Vasquez, Hollyburn Family Services Outreach Worker

HOME Moving contact information:
ph:  (604) 529-0194
email:  homemoving@lookoutsociety.ca