Lee Fox

Director of Operations - Vancouver Island Region

Lee Fox, a dedicated advocate for Social change, brings over 12 years of Frontline Management experience and extensive training in leadership. Her specialized certifications in Aboriginal-focused Complex Trauma Therapy as well as several recent certifications allowing her to train peers and job-seekers reflect her passion for empowering marginalized individuals. As a Program Manager at Lookout Health + Housing, Lee drove impactful initiatives like the Lookout Ethical Employment Program. Her adeptness at navigating challenges and fostering innovation demonstrates her commitment to positive social change.

“As a manager, I find myself at the helm of positive change, steering the course towards a brighter future. My purpose is clear: to empower individuals with the tools they need to gain work experience, access opportunities for career growth, and develop skills that enrich both their professional and personal lives. It is a role that goes beyond the ordinary, and I am dedicated to cultivating an environment that is not just open and welcoming, but also a catalyst for meaningful transformations.” 

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